Test iPhone 4 Software and Get Apple’s New Phone For Free – Best Software and Gadget

Software companies that are manufacturing applications for the new iPhone 4 need your help with testing their products. You might wonder why they don’t just use the software engineers they employ to test the applications. Well, that’s because those people would never be fully satisfied and would keep delaying the launch causing millions in losses.The software companies want regular people to be their beta testers because it’s them who can judge the best if an application is cool and if it delivers as promised in every day life, in a bus, in a train, at work, at a library or anywhere else that the buyer might have to use it. You too can become a tester and trust me, it’s worth it. That’s because the software companies don’t pay their beta testers in cash but let them keep the iPhone they’ve just tested for free instead. Why? Well, it’s because the phone have already been bought and selling hundreds of them on eBay after the testing process is complete might not go smoothly.This is your chance to get a free iPhone 4. The company will provide you with an iPhone 4 with the software on it and all you have to do is use an application just when you actually need it. Applications range from document readers to mp3 players and maps. You can pick what app you want to test so that you won’t be given something which might prove useless to you (GPS if you don’t own a car for example).At the end of the testing period all you will have to do is give your honest feedback and write a short review for the application. And you will get the iPhone you’ve just tested for free. However, you should hurry as spots aren’t limitless and get filled pretty fast.